7 Ways to Create More Joy Into Your Life

There are thousands of ways to clear the way to more joy.  Here are seven to get you going.

1.  Precipitate –  Allow any dreary detritus you’re ready to let go of drop down and leave.

2.  Meditate –  Quiet your monkey mind and allow some silence to recognize your blessings and the beauty around.

The Golden Positions by James Broughton

Image:  “The Golden Positions” (1971) by James Broughton






3.  Satiate – Be grateful for what’s good about your life and the world.

As Broughton said,

       “If you must feel tortured

                          Respect your misery

                      And be happy about it

                      Only the nonsensical is

                   At ease with the Absolute.”



4.  Lubricate – Find yourself a wonderful drink – apple cider, water, whatever tickles your fancy (Holly Golightly and James both prefer Champagne).

Audrey Hepburn

“Drink the wine, don’t dissect it.” ~ James Broughton


5.  Celebrate  –  Give yourself 3 minutes to watch Jack and Adelle Foley read Broughton’s “THIS WONDER,” a poem for two voices.



6.  Participate –  Help us spread James Broughton’s “Follow Your Own Weird” message by contributing to the Big Joy Project, and joining a Big Joy local team!

To celebrate James Broughton’s 100th Birthday in 2013, we are organizing dozens special events & “salons” — filled with film, music, dancing, experimental performance and poetry — in cities and the world in 2013.  We want YOU to get involved, wherever you live!

Would you like to co-host, perform at, or attend a forthcoming BIG JOY SALON in your city?  Let us know who you are… and we’ll be in touch

You can also find BIG JOY on Facebook.

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