75 Life Lines ~ by James Broughton

Appears in the books, 75 Life Lines and ALL: A James Broughton Reader





Everything is perfect as it is
except for the things that haven’t yet got it right.

Nothing is new. Everything is renewal.
Life’s major challenge: getting reborn often enough.nothing is new reborn*

Since we are formed of cosmological dust
let’s clasp one another and kick up a storm.
Only to the enraptured does the prophetic speak.

If you feel completely at a loss
you are probably on the right track.if you feel completely at a loss James Broughton quote*

Since nobody knows the meaning of existence,
the limits of the universe, or the cure for a cold,
we are free to delight in the mysteries of ignorance.

Innocence is the holiness of sagacity.

Believe in the unbelievable. Enliven the unlikely.
Always carry change for the unchangeable.

What distinguishes one human from another:
the capacity to love and the ability to wonder.What distinguishes one human from another James Broughton 75 Life Lines cc by Juliana Coutinho-001*

Wonder is my pleasure, love is my elation,
friendship is my hobby, rapture my vocation.wonder is my pleasure james broughton quote*

People live in their wrongheads,
not in their right minds.

Most minds oscillate between sense and nonsense.
The rest don’t oscillate at all.

People who take a dim view of life
dwell in murky doldrums.
The easiest thing to find is fault.

Many nobodies who have studied nothing
are busy teaching it to everybody else.

Everyone needs a hole in the head
to let out the pollution.
The lowest common denominator sinks lower every day.

A dull prospect befogs the road to derring-do.
Exchange your mind for one with a better view.

Men are windowless monads
waiting for someone to raise their blinds.

People don’t grow up. They just get taller.
People don’t change. They just get more so.
Adults are deteriorated babies.

I love all men, except for those I can’t stand.

When there’s nothing you can do about anything,
do everything you can.nothing you can do about anything*

Muster the agile and compassionate.
Educate a humanity that will not embarrass the earth.

Stand firmly, sit serenely,
mutter profoundly, sing recklessly,
dance all the way to your death.stand firmly sit serenely by James Broughton*

You are capable of extraordinary actions:
you can pee, sneeze, fart, puke, snore, shiver.
Are you sufficiently amazed by your mechanisms?

Your soul goes out to the ends of your toes.
Go with it!
It walks around everywhere on two legs.
*We contain as much as we can imagine.
When we dance we jiggle the stars.



Make your own home in left field. There’s more room there.
Everybody wants to be in the right.

Never disown your mad superstitions,
bad habits, unclad fantasies,
Those are the riches of your personality.

Three cheers for agony, muddle and euphoria.
Without them there would be nothing to read.agony muddle euphoria all 75lifelines*

The greatest enemies of the public good
are education, religion and the law.
What’s good for the public it never gets:
riotous living and peace of mind.

The heavy-handed and the leadfooted
keep crowding one another off the dance floor.

Dreary food is the main cause of social unrest.
Winedrinkers know the merriment of the blessed.

Governments are a conspiracy of the mad and the inane.
Pass laws for the abolition of laws!

Don’t fall asleep at the wheel of fortune.
Don’t exercise, dance. Don’t diet, chuckle.
Don’t tell people what not to do.

Crazy old men are essential to society.
Otherwise young men have no suitable models.crazy old men are essential*

Be fond, not wary.
Fear of love is fear of the sublime.be fond James Broughton quote cc pic by Vinoth Chandar-001*

Every penis is on the firing squad of creation.
Every penis wants to belong to a new Adam.

Never resist any temptation. Except celibacy.Never resist any temptation except celibacy James Broughton pic from film Devotions*

Be generous with joy and juicy with ripening.
Amplitude is the shape of splendor.

Enrich your repertoire of useless acts.
Watch waterfalls, sniff lilacs,
reply to meadowlarks, attack artichokes.

It is harder to love the world than denounce it,
harder to embrace existence than to renounce it.

Reality isn’t made of concrete. It’s a seminal soup.
Savor it, swim in it, season it with piss and vinegar.

Your instincts are mythical heroes
eager to launch impossible adventures.

Do not die without learning what you can accomplish.
Fervor is eager to explode in all of your molecules.do not die without learning ...fervor is eager to explode quote by James Broughton cc pic by fedewild-001*

Misery is not an ultimate truth.
Authentic wisdom is a laughing matter.wisdom is laughing matter james broughton cc pic by Thom Chandler-001*

Happiness takes a risk, misery plays it safe.happiness cc pic by sima dimitric-001*

Wisdom is the least popular goal of humanity.
To be wise one must be foolish, foolhardy and foolproof.

Overthrow the tyranny of the humorless.
Commit the dead serious to funeral homes.
Trust only what opens, what reveals, what lights up.

Everything that is, is Light.
Except on very dark days.

Make florid mistakes. Laugh more and wash less.
Eat more chocolate than beans. Fuck often.

Desires are not bushes to be pruned.
A man is not meant to be a bonsai.

Life’s essentials:
champagne, furry slippers, foreplay.champagne life essentials James Broughton quote pic by Nima Sareh-001*

Buddha was a nil-boy killjoy.
Life is not a suffering duty.
Desire awakes the sleeps of beauty.

Cultivate your own form of workaday lunacy.
Otherwise you can’t feel at home in the world.

If you soften your brain, it won’t get brittle.
Add nuts when you go bananas.

When you have to fight fire with fire,
go jump in the lake.fighting fire with fire james broughton quote cc pic by Madeleine Deaton-001*

Open your jocular vein! Spurt jocosity!
Laughter like garlic is a flavorsome cure-all.laughter like garlic James Broughton quote pic by kellinahandbasket-001*

Offend the righteous: ramble, dawdle, dabble.
And picnic in the cemetery.

Introduce your heart to all the practice of hilarity
or the Good Life will prove a lifelong rarity.

Sexual orgies are less harmful to society
than political parties.Sexual orgies are less harmful James Broughton 75 Lifelines cc pic Kassy.miller-001*

More and more profligacy!
How else shall we connect?
One good fuck is worth a hundred debates.

Sexuality is the sport of the gods.
Eternity is in love with orgasm.Sexuality is the sport of Gods James Broughton pic from Devotions*

We fall in love in order to experience
bodily upheaval and spermatic visions.
This causes us to shudder and sweat,
exude gummy verbiage and sprout wings.Bodily upheaval and spermatic visions by James Broughton pic by Lam HUA*

Love should unite mankind,
not split it up into exclusive couples.

Two things for lovers are a must:
equality of soul and a mutual lust.Two things for lovers are a must by James Broughton Pic by janwillemsen-001*

Hook up some chariots of chum.
We are already late for the camerado races.

Leave pigeonholes to pigeon droppings.

Change everything, except what you love.
Love everything that changes your mind.

To keep from feeling degraded by the times
bathe in a brook, sleep in a barnyard,
hula in the office, somersault in church.

Come live with me and be my life
and we shall have no need of wife.Come live with me and James Broughton with and Joel Singer 75 Life Lines*

Reaching what you can is not enough.
Reach what you cannot!reach what you cannot James Broughton pic by djpoblete09-001*

Strengthen lofty connections.
Muses and angels want to be called on,
gods appreciate a pat on the back.Strengthen lofty connections James Broughton 75 Life Lines cc pic by Elentir-001*

God is man’s largest diversion.
And man is God’s favorite toy.

Recipe for the creative life: remove safety belts,
plug loopholes, burn down safe retreats,
get reborn often, compose like a frolicsome child,
and never ask the end.

Serve forth your ripeness before it rots.Serve forth your ripeness by James Broughton Erogeny-010*

Live Love Laugh Leap
Sing Swim Sink Sleep

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