Big Joy: the Film


 Broughton was true to his own spirit, and devoted his life to marching at the sound of his own drum and inspiring others to do the same. - Out Magazine

A visionary forerunner to the Beat Generation and the countercultural eruption of the 1960s, underground filmmaker and poet James Broughton (1913-99) is celebrated in this buoyant documentary portrait…an insightful survey of West Coast bohemia in the wake of World War II.   - Wall Street Journal

Charismatic and intensely creative…Big Joy captures [Broughton’s] oversize spirit. - Village Voice

James’ story shows what it means to be yourself, how making art can keep you from losing hope, and how you can find true love – and yourself – at age 62, or any age.

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The luminous life and work of James Broughton has hit the big screen. Big Joy: the Adventures of James Broughton provides a humorous antidote to the cynicism and materialism of our age.

Led by journalist and futurist Stephen Silha, who had a mentorship relationship with Broughton for the last 10 of his 85 years, the Big Joy project brings together the skills of many artists and media-makers who have been influenced by Broughton.

Award-winning filmmaker Eric Slade, is the film’s # 1 co-director. He is especially known for creating the PBS documentary “Hope Along the Wind” on the life of gay rights pioneer Harry Hay.

The Big Joy film creates a journey through the life and works of the exquisite poet, a vibrant lover, innovator, and role model James Broughton.  Most importantly, those people who knew or worked with James will share their stories and insights into the life of this master of visual and verbal images.

A lovely valentine to a counter cultural figure whose sense of joy and adventure will win you over  - SF Chronicle

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