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What is Gathr®?
Gathr® is a brand-new service that allows you to bring the movies you want to a venue near you. It’s what we like to call Theatrical On Demand®.

Our simple goal is to unite you, the movie-lover, with the films you want to see, right in your neighborhood. Movies are meant to be seen in a theater with a crowd.

Gathr® screenings can only happen if a minimum number of people reserve tickets before a screening request expires.

On every screening page you’ll find an update that shows you the number of current reservations, the number of additional reservations needed to tip the screening, as well as how much time remains before that screening request expires.

When enough people reserve tickets to a screening before time expires, the screening takes place. If the minimum number of reservations is not met, the screening does not take place and nobody is charged.

Scroll over the movie you want to see and click VIEW SCREENING DETAILS, then click either RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW or BUY YOUR TICKET.

When a movie does not have a GreenLight, your option is to reserve a ticket by pre-authorizing your credit card.

When a movie has a GreenLight, your ticket purchase will be processed immediately.

A GreenLight means the screening is definitely going to happen. Many of our BIG JOY screenings are definitely going to happen: see our upcoming screenings. You can utilize Gathr to help get your friends to the theater too!

Your credit card will only be charged once your screening has met the minimum number of reservations and has a GreenLight.

The movie I want to see isn’t screening in my area. How do I request a screening?

It’s easy. In the FILMS section, click on REQUEST A NEW SCREENING for your movie. Then, just let us know the time, date, and location you want, and we’ll get started right away arranging your screening.

Anyone can Gathr® a movie screening. Whether you’re an individual, a social club, or a theater, you can request a screening. It’s fun, simple, and only takes a few minutes.

Tell your friends, family, and anyone else you think would be interested in seeing the film. Great ways to do this are emailing the screening page and sharing on Facebook and Twitter. The more ways you spread the word about your movie event, the more likely it will happen.


BIG JOY has also been used for benefit screenings around the country– from organizational fundraisers to private health issue fundraising.   To accommodate your needs we offer BIG JOY Benefit Screening fees on a sliding scale.

Contact our Executive Producer, Stephen Silha, directly (206-567-4363) to find out about our benefit screening fees or to work out a fee that suits all.