High Kukus~ (Zany Haikus) by James Broughton

These zany haikus were published in parts or whole in the books Special Deliveries: New and Selected Poems, A Long Undressing: Collected Poems 1949-1969, All: A James Broughton Reader.

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I have no desire to move about,
said the Tree,
I’m very attached to my roots.

They keep cutting me off,
said the Whisker,
but that will never stop me.whisker HighKuKu by James Broughton *

You may have had some hard knocks,
said the Pebble,
but I’ve been kicked around all my life.Pebble High Kuku by James Broughton pic by Jeff Warren *

There’s nothing I like better,
said the Sun,
than throwing some light on the subject.Sun High Kuku by James Broughton pic by fotocarios *

You always think I’m greener elsewhere,
said the Grass,
Well, sometimes I am.

That’s just your opinion,
said the Pterodactyl,
I think I’m gorgeous.

I’m madly in love with a frog,
said the Goat,
but she has a crazy idea that it won’t work out.

Before swallowing me whole,
said the Panacea,
see if your solution doesn’t need shaking up.

To think of ending my days covered with catsup,
said the Bull,
makes me see red.

A little bird told me,
said the Eagle,
and then I ate him.

I admit it,
said the Rat,
I’m as much of a rat as the next fellow.

said the Telephone,
I can scarcely believe my ears.

I may be infecting the whole body,
said the Head,
but they’ll never amputate me.

I’m hungry,
said the Bulldozer,
I want a hill burger for lunch.

There will be time,
said the Grandfather Clock,
for whatever there will be time for.

Of course I’m infinite,
said the Grain of Sand,
but what’s the rest of the beach doing here?

I need something to pick me up,
said the Sweet Pea,
I’m dying on the vine.

I wish these damn angels would get their feet off my head,
said the Pin,
I’ve got work to do.

Get out of here!
said the Mouth to the Foot,
And with that big shoe on too!

We may look weird,
said the Platypus to his wife,
but we have each other.

I don’t know what the left is doing,
said the Right Hand,
but it looks fascinating.

There might be someone else inside you,
said the Mirror,
beside you.

When things get too tight for me,
said the Snake,
I just slip into some skin more comfortable.

There’s practically nothing,
said the Eraser,
that ever comes out perfectly.

There are two sides to everything,
said the Coin,
John is a saint and John is a toilet.

Going around in theological circles,
said the Dove,
God must get very dizzy.

When I gave up trying to understand,
said the Camel’s Eye to the Needle,
then I began to get to the point.

It’s quite easy to be enlightened,
said the Lamp,
once you get turned on.

If you take one thing at a time,
said the Stepping Stone,
you can endure anything.IMG_0228 *

Nothing is nicer than letting go,
said the Leaf,
when that’s the only thing to do.BJ-letting-go *

I can’t help playing around,
said the Wind,
I’m just naturally impulsive.

What I am sometimes is never always clear,
said the Pond,
What I am always is never clear all the time.

Watch me,
said the Night,
wallop the daylights out of Time.Night High Kuku by James Broughton pic by Brian Lauer *

Never expect anything,
said the Tadpole,
and everything will surprise you.Tadpole High Kuku by James Broughton pic by Oliver Dodd *

I love candlelight,
said the Moth,
It makes suicide more romantic.

It makes a terrible mess,
said the Cup,
but I love running over.

Anyway you look at it,
said the Camera,
this is the way it is.Camera High Kuku with James Broughton-002*

I have no meaning,
said the Film,
I just unreel myself.

You can always count on me in a pinch,
said the Penis,
I’ve gotten out of many a tight spot.

You can’t get around me easily,
said the Vicious Circle,
I’m one turning point after another.

I may be a drip to you,
said the Faucet,
but wait until somebody turns me on.Faucet High Kuku by James Broughton pic by Jeff Drongowski*

I don’t know where I’m heading,
said the Rolling Stone,
but it’s uphill all the way.

Whenever you make your home,
said the Waterbug,
is the center of the world.

I’d love a new outfit,
said the Attitude,
but I can’t get out of this old habit.New outfit James Brougthon quote #Golden.Positions High Kuku image *

Don’t worry,
said the Caterpillar,
we’ll all come out beautifully in the end.Caterpillar High Kuku by James Broughton pic bytinkerbrad*

Isn’t it perverse?
said the Cradle to the Hearse,
Things are getting better and things are getting worse.hearse high kuku by James Broughton*

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