Below are a handful of journal entries from James Broughton’s journal, during the period when he met Joel Singer. They provide a rare view inside the head of the romantic wordsmith. James kept extensive journals.

April 5th 1975


Mutual Joy

But this is not so.

Yesterday swept me with desire, despite faculty meeting at Gunvor’s, lunch with Merril Greene, and Suzanna under the weather from glucose tests. I went to Joel’s, willy nilly.

April 6th 1975


It Must Be Lived First

This is I think an archetypal situation that I have never been in before. I feel a bit like Andre Gide. Wondering how to be true to passion and to honesty at the same time.

April 9th 1975


You Are Love

It is still hard to write. But I must try. ~ miraculous is overwhelming, overwhelms words. The most intense experiences like mysticism have no mundane vocabulary.

April 26th 1975


If My Angel Insists – San Anselmo

Returning, I plunge into the’ predicament’ again. But I came back by way of another night with Joel, wherein I had to acknowledge all over again the force of this passion in its ramifications and intensities, above all in its sense of erotic fulfillment. As I had always dreamed, longed for, thought

May 30th 1975


There Is No Such Thing As Empty Space

o my Beloved! How do I adore thee! My joyfilled praises shout to the sky. My blissfilled gratitudes reverberate my heart. I am come closer to my Me, and that means close closer to Thee.