Song of the Godbody~ a Poem by James Broughton

From the book Ecstasies. Also published in ALL: A James Broughton Reader, and Special Deliveries.

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I breathe you I contain you I propel you
I am your opening and closing
I am your rising and falling
I am your thrust and surrender

I stiffen you I melt you I energize
I quicken your humor and heartache
I set the spark to your fluid
I stir your mixable blessing

I am your inside operator
I stretch I sweat I maneuver
I flex your will and your man power
I polish your launching pad

I prime your engines of quest
I fan your spontaneous combustion
I drive your vehicle of dreams
I accelerate your valor and risk

I am at the root of your folly
I am at the top of your form
In you I caper and flourish
In you I become what I am

You are my cheerful vicissitude
You are my sturdy weakness
I am your faithful bedfellow
I am your tenacious secret

I connect your links
I replenish your seeds
I bathe in your bloodstream
I bask in the raw of your nature

I am the conductor of pulse and impulse
I am the director of anatomical play
You are my theater of nervous charades
You are my circus of knack and bungle

I am your unheeded prompter
I am the slips of your tongue
I am the catch in whatever you think
I am the quirk in what you are sure of

I carry a lantern through your labyrinth
I call to you from your vitals
You hear me best when you marvel
You hear me least when you whimper

You are my ancient You are my child
You are the brother of all your heroes
My earnest monkey My ticklish lion
You are my zoo and my sanctum

I tune up your instruments
I play on your organs
I strum in your breast
I croon in your head

I elixirate your phallus
I enter your every orifice
I impregnante every beginning
I effervesce I rhapsodize

You plunge into motley waters
You catch on fire when you love
You are my liquid opal
You are my burning bush

I sprout your sperm and your egg
I spawn the engodments of flesh
I shape the new body of Adam
I reshape the old body of Eve

I engender all the women of men
I generate the men of all women
I love you in every man’s body
I live you in every man’s lover

Trust that I know my own business
Cherish your fact and your fettle
Respect your perpetual motion
Relish your frisky divinity

You are my ripening godling
You are my fidgety angel
You are my immortal shenanigan
You are my eroding monument

I am ever your lifelong bodyguard
I am always your marathon dancer
Let your feet itch with my glory
Dance all the way to your death

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