Two Nativity Songs by James Broughton

For his children, Serena and Orion, James Broughton wrote a nativity song each. He also wrote poems for the occasions of their Christening Days. All of these poems reside in James Broughton’s book, Ode of Odd Occasions.


For Serena Felicity Broughton
In the river of the tree that made them one
the Moon brought to bed
the roots of the Sun.
And out of the branches
where ripely it swam
the Fruit sang to the Forest:
I am! I am!
(22 November 1963)

For Orion Raphael Broughton
Out of the well
of the earth’s desire,
out of the angel’s gift of fire,
a new star arose
in the everyday light
to the sun’s amaze
and the moon’s delight.
(28 October 1965)

And with pretty pictures! 🙂
forest fruit James Broughton quote pic by Forest and Kim Starr

Nativity Song by James Broughton pic by Aurimas Mikalauskas

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