An Easter Litany for Trees, a poem by James Broughton

spring tree by Stanley Zimny

Harken, fresh saplings on Easter morn!

To ensure your perennial resurrection

affirm your faith in the miracle of green

by repeating yearly this credo of renewal:

I believe unconditionally in

the one impossible truth

the two doors of perspicacity

the three windows of the unthinkable

the four corners of the boundless

the five pillars of insecurity

the six towers of pointlessness

the seven roads to the vanishing point

the eight capitals of bewilderment

the nine arenas of intrepidity


the ten palaces of impossible wisdom

wherein are kept

the original designs for the world’s trees

the original score for all birdsong

and the master blueprint for the first

explosion of springtime

Be true to this faith all your budding days

and ye shall branch    blossom    and be leafy

to the joy of all men

as many times as there are Easters.

From the book, Packing Up For Paradise Selected Poems 1946-1996

pic by Gabriel Rodriguez

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