Creative fodder to help you win our prizes: Poetic bits for inspiration

You know we’re having a contest this month right?  Here are the details of the fun ways you can win some BIG JOY loot.  One of them is by posting a poem on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and hash tagging it #bigjoyspark #celebratejoy.

You can handwrite something and take a picture, you can create it digitally, or you could even make a 15 second video while reading a poem.  Or come up with another idea.  You decide.  It doesn’t even have to be a James Broughton poem– but of course we love those.

So if you need a little inspiration– here’s a list of some of James Broughton’s HIGH KUKUS.IMG_8381

I am that, said the Dewdrop, reflecting the Sun.  The Sun took it at it’s word.

They keep cutting me off, said the Whisker, but that will never stop me.

You may have had some hard knocks, said the Pebble, but I’ve been kicked around all my life.

I don’t know where I’m going to end up, said the Babbling Brook, but I’m enjoying the ride.

There is nothing I like better, said the Sun, than throwing some light on the subject.

That’s just your opinion, said the Pterodactyl, I think I’m gorgeous.

I’m madly in love with a frog, said the Goat, but she has a crazy idea that it won’t work out.

I haven’t decided what to tell you, said the Computer, but I’m working on it.IMG_8395

I like where I’m sitting, said the Toad, What else is a toadstool for?

Sometimes, said the Telephone, I can scarcely believe my ears.

I may be infecting the whole body, said the Head, but they’ll never amputate me.

There will be time, said the Grandfather Clock, for whatever there will be time for.

I don’t know what the left is doing, said the Right Hand, but it looks fascinating.

It’s quite easy to be enlightened, said the Lamp, once you get turned on.

Don’t worry, said the Caterpillar, we’ll all come out beautifully in the end.

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