James Broughton’s Most Famous Film Now Available

Hands down we get asked more about James Broughton’s film, “The Bed,” than any other of his works.

“Where can I see ‘The Bed?'” people ask us all the time.

The answer used to be on the Facets’ Films of James Broughton Short Film Collection. Only.

Now, we are happy to say that it’s available– everywhere. Right now.

If you are ready to see it you can watch it here.  For $1.99 (all of which goes to support our making more of James’ work public) you can have access to it in perpetuity.

We are in the process of making each of James Broughton’s films available on line. (Here is the complete list of Broughton’s films and links.) Either free on You Tube, or where nudity demands it, via VHX, for a nominal fee.

If you’ve never heard of “The Bed” here is a little trailer.  Most people agree, it’s full of surprising delights. 🙂


James Broughton describes the making of his most famous film.
Watch The Bed
Groundbreaking Nudity in a Film
The Bed: Changing the Way Bodies are Seen
“The Bed” preview on You Tube
“The Bed” Mash-up by Geoff Watland (Includes nudity)
James Broughton’s poem, “Song of the Bed” set to video by Galen Garwood

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