Sermon~ a Poem by James Broughton

 This version from the book Special Deliveries.  Also printed in Ecstasies.

You on your seat there
sit up and sing out
Sing out for Eros
Love is unbelievable
so it must be believed

Believe in your own loving
your passion and folly
your incredible hopes
Praise the marvels of
joy tube and love pump

If you must feel tortured
respect your misery
and be happy about it
Only the nonsensical is
at ease with the Absolute

Listen to your angels
ripening your secrets
Come to beautiful terms
with the god in your body
with the body of your god

Share flesh with others
Wake love    Make love
Clasp hearts    Exuberate
And never look back till
you are far out of sight

Love is unbelievable James Broughton cc pic Lisa Cyr-001

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