The only limits are, as always, those of vision.

This month our BIG JOY Spark theme is creativity.  So it seemed fitting to highlight what may be James Broughton’s most famous saying:

The only limits are, as always, the limits of vision.

When you’re creating you’ve got to dig deep.  Look far.  See beyond what has been done before.  As James also says, “Your job is to create something neither you nor I have ever seen before.”

Or put another way yet again by him, “Genius is not having enough talent to do it the way it was done before.”

One way or the other you’ve got to see things different when you’re being creative.  So just for fun here are several designs of his “limits of vision” quote that you can find around the web.  Paypal even made it one of their slogans!  And if you need a BIG reminder of this– you can even buy it as a wInspirational-Wallpapers-the-secret-22453146-1024-768all decal! (See below.)

Wishing you limitless vision!

The Big Joy Team





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